Best New Trend In Women’s Golf Clothes Revealed

Golf season is about to be in full swing (pun intended). The Upper Midwest will start to thaw and if you are lucky enough to live where the grass is always green--hopefully your golf course is practicing social distancing and you’re perfecting those putts already. I know for me the start of the golf season begins by checking out my golf clothes. That means filling my bed with everything from (of course my) favorite Jane 1530 golf clothes to athleisure outfits to sweatshirts and sweaters. I am all about transitioning from work to the golf course to dinner to back home. You get the idea. Today one outfit needs to fit, function and flatter in many different settings! It’s interesting as I go through my current closet stock along with the items I received as gifts and sale purchases throughout the year. My favorites have one thing in common. They make me feel GREAT! That’s right, the next best thing in women's golf fashion is FEELING GREAT. You know the that "I can carry the water" feeling. Or that “I’m so comfortable” I’m going another nine holes. And my personal favorite feeling “this outfit totally works” I wearing it to dinner! Our number one priority at Jane Fifteen Thirty is you. We design golf clothes for women that fit ( we carry sizes small to 4X, function (our performance fabrics are perfect) and flatter (our smart design flatters all body types; it is truly inclusive and universal). The result - you love the way you feel when you wear them. And you will wear them everywhere you go. That’s right, you can take Jane 1530 anywhere!

Take a look at our best selling golf pants to get you started. They’re sure to be a part of your new favorite athleisure outfit. The Doris Pant - Is simply the best women’s golf pant out there. Try a pair for yourself and/or start your Mother’s Day shopping. You may not be able to hit that Mother’s Day brunch this year but you can still give your mom the gift of feeling great. These pants have the potential to be the highlight of this mother’s day in quarantine! Use code “BestNewTrend” at checkout and get 15% off valid through Mother’s Day (May 10th 2020). That means that all womens golf shirts, golf pants, golf skorts, golf shorts and our golf accessories are on sale through Mother’s Day. Life is a course. Dress well.

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