Field Tested

I am sure many of you are wondering how I know that these are the most comfortable women’s golf clothes you will wear. Well, I know because we tested them. It started with me spending a great deal of time looking at fabrics and working with design to come up with the right fit and fabric combination. I’m talking months. It was super important to me that the clothes were flattering and comfortable for all sizes. Once I thought I had it, I put it to the test by going out the course and playing a round. This “testing” took me back to the drawing board a couple times. When I thought I was done, I brought in the big guns, my family and friends with the biggest opinions. And let me tell you they are not afraid to tell me how it is!

Here is a picture from Jane 1530’s big debut at Crow Valley Golf Club. What a great test day, it was hot so these clothes got a real workout! There is good and bad news from the debut. The good news—the team was super comfortable and loved the clothes. The bad news—the team got dead last. Better luck next year! Thanks friends for the feedback.

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