Golf is fun!

Sometimes we get into our own heads. We worry about our swing, scores and what people think about us out on the course. I've been there more than I would like to admit and to tell you the truth recently I was feeling pretty much in my own head. But this last weekend I realized why I play--golf is just plain fun. My sister and I participated in The Murph Golf Tournament at Moorhead Country Club. First a big shout out to my club as it was the first year that a women's flight was included in the 41st year of the member/guest tournament. Beyond cool! I Love My MCC!

I would by lying if I didn't say we were a little nervous going into register for the weekend. We would play 27 holes Friday and 18 on Saturday with hopes of making the 5 hole shoot out. What a weekend. It was hot, but our Jane 1530 gear keep us cool. We were nervous, but members and guests made us feel welcome. We had good shots and bad shots, won matches and lost matches. The best part the company and conversation--crazy great! After a couple holes into tournament we both relaxed and decided to just enjoy. What a difference. We aren't great golfers, but we played all 50 holes. We fell short of the win, but boy did we have fun! My advice go for it and have as much fun as you can.

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