Have great clothes . . .will travel!

What a June Jane 1530 and I had. It was time to hit the road and boy was that fun. I loaded all my gear, sales racks and my mom and dad (everyone needs support) and hit the road. We ended up driving through 5 states and over 1700 miles. Yes I brought my clubs.

I was super excited to introduce Beatrice Country Club to the Jane 1530 line. It was a little cold (those Doris pants came in handy) but the golf continued. I set up shop at a great tournament and had the opportunity to meet the ladies of Beatrice, Nebraska. It was so much fun and proceeds went to a great cause. Win. Win.

All work and no play isn't the way I roll so I golfed a couple rounds with my dad, sons, brother and sister-in-law and headed to Iowa. We ended our trip with a great weekend with family and more golf. I'll be on the road again in a couple weeks. My laptop travels too so if you are thinking an Jane 1530's pop up shop would work for one of your upcoming events contact me at duglem@jane1530.com and let's talk.

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