Have pants will travel

Have pants will travel

By the look of the picture you would think I was going on a golf trip, but nope we are heading to Newport, Rhode Island for the weekend. I am tagging along on my husbands conference and planning to do some planning. So of course I had to pack my tourist walking around clothes and my thinking pants which both happen to be my Doris Pants, in three colors. I added in my Tara Mock in black and my Luxe hoodie which gives me a solid three days of gear. I am sure you can see my GOLF sweatshirt in there too, the perfect coffee run shirt.

I am excited to see a change of scenery, while I finish up my second quarter and third quarter planning and start diving into the fourth quarter. I have spent the last couple weeks, evaluating products, looking at top sellers and finalizing the line for the rest of year. Keep following Jane 1530 for your favorites and new product. My mission has never been more clear.--Jane 1530 wants to create products that make you confident on the course, at home and in life. If your comfortable your confident.

Your packing list is below! :) 

Have a great Wednesday!

P.S. The Tara Mock was named after my friend Tara she has great design sense, helps me stay on target and is a kick a*# artist. 

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