Life is a course. Play well.

My husband and I were early in our golf vacation “career” and we found ourselves on Sanibel Island in Florida. The bright blue water was on the right and a row of vacation villas on the left. Tim put one right of right if you know what I mean. Of course, I laughed, he turned and I replied, “Keep it in perspective. You just put one in one beautiful water hazard. Let’s enjoy the view.” We both took a minute to take it all in and the rest of the round was awesome (in terms of the view anyway). It was a turning point for me.

I love golf and I love to shoot well, but I love the other stuff too. Golfing to me is an experience. I love walking through the pro shop, checking in, soaking in the view of every hole, and adding up the scores on the club house patio over a glass of wine. Tim and I try to take a golf vacation every year. I am using the term vacation loosely. Keeping in mind the first golf vacation consisted of 18 holes at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake, Minnesota, about 30 minutes from our house. We finished the day with pizza and beer and headed home. I still remember that day. I rarely remember the scores of our outings but I remember the days, the experiences and making the most of the moment. If your going to do it, do it well and enjoy.

I have had an educational, fun, challenging, busy and exciting couple months. Jane 1530 has been on the road since the launch and it has been so great introducing the line to incredible women. They all have a zest for the game and life. I met great people and got awesome feedback. I realized that golf doesn’t stop after 18 holes and it became evident to me that I wasn’t alone.

I'm excited to announce that we are adding to the line and can't wait for you to see it! In production now are great gifts for your favorite golfer or for yourself. Look for pillows, glassware, bags and more in the coming months. You will also see new colors and patterns in the clothing line (don’t worry they will have the same great fit!). Jane Fifteen Thirty is focusing on comfort, fit and fun. My goal is to have everyone experience golf and life the best way possible. It's time to enjoy every moment from the promising blank scorecard to the dirty-martini-on-the-rocks recap.

Life is a course. Play well.

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