My sister is pretty cool! So is golf!

My golf tip this week--grab your favorite and get involved.

This upcoming weekend marks the third year that my sister (also my favorite to golf with) and I will play in my club’s Member Guest Tournament. I am pretty proud to be a part of the Moorhead Country Club. Our member guest tournament has women's and men's flights. That means that the women play the same schedule as the men and have the opportunity to win the whole deal! That’s right we play the same 45 holes and the top team moves on to the shoot out. Fun, exciting and of course a little nerve racking.

It’s hard when you first start golfing to get involved in events. But, I am telling you--it is so much fun. First, you’ll learn that most golfers are just like you. They hit good shots, bad shots and OK shots. They miss putts, chunk chips and can’t get out of a sand trap. Second, you’ll realize that people who love golf also love people that play golf. You’ll probably find a new bestie or at least a new weekly foursome. So don’t be shy--sign up for your next event. Get involved in your next tournament or golf fundraiser. You might just start a tradition. I know I have with my sister. This weekend will mark the 8th tournament we have played between our two clubs. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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