Women's golf bag the perfect accessory for Spring

Oh Spring! I love everything about it. The longer days, the green grass and the smell in the air. It makes me feel like anything is possible. Now, I was born in North Dakota, grew up in North Dakota and currently live in North Dakota. So spring is pretty special to me and I am sure you can guess why. Maybe it has something to do with finally hearing the chirping of birds or driving with the windows down after being locked and bundled up for six (feels like eight) months! And now with this virus it's feeling like we may be indoors even longer. But the snow will begin melting, the days are getting longer, the green grass is starting to peek through. Did someone say the green? That’s right golf is right around the corner. Probably the best thing about spring! It’s time for the cleaning and organizing to begin and since we are spending considerably more time at home we might as well use the time wisely. I started with the most important-the golf bag. Below is the good junk I found in my bag.

Feels good to have just the essentials back in the bag. Golf balls, tees and rain gear. So on to the fresh start. And here we go--I believe I’ve taken my golf game to a new level and I am not talking about my driving, chipping or putting. But I can hit the course in a moment's notice. I have instituted a new Emy Bag protocol. This bag sits in my laundry room (closest room to the door) and it is filled with everything I need...for the course. Check it out.

Happy cleaning and may your spring be filled with long drives, great chips and short birdie putts.

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