You can look good, feel good, play good...I promise

This week marks National Small Business Week. A week that has moved a lot closer to my heart since May 2018. That is when I launched my business- Jane Fifteen Thirty. It was fun to introduce my company to my home club, Moorhead Country Club. My story is pretty simple, but oh so complicated at the same time. Here’s the short version. I started golfing back when I worked for Target Corporation about 20 years ago. I found myself at meetings and conferences where golf was always on the agenda. Now I have always been interested in sport and I have always loved to try new things. So I jumped in. I bought my first set of clubs and I haven’t looked back since. A big thank you to thank my Target friends. My love for the game started with them and I know it was because they were so nice and showed so much patience teaching me. Fast forward 20 years and I was still playing but not feeling very comfortable and a big part of the reason was my clothes. Look good, feel good, play good. Right? I couldn’t find a shirt long enough, shorts that didn’t flair or pants that the waistband didn’t down right hurt. That is when Jane 1530 was born, with the simple idea that golf clothes should fit women. All women. The complicated part came in the two years before I launched. Researching fabrics and fine tuning design, prototypes and more prototypes that sent me back to fabrics and changing design. My goal was to create a line that fit and flattered everyone. Where comfort meets classic golf couture. Clothes so comfortable you can wear them anywhere and everywhere. Clothes that make you feel great and confident on and off the course. It took time but we finally arrived at the combination of the perfect high performance fabrics and universal fashion. I’m so proud of the inclusiveness of the brand. Jane Fifteen Thirty offers skorts, pants, shorts, shirts and sweatshirts in sizes small - 4X. And I am not kidding, they look great on everyone!

Once you quit worrying about what to wear you can start to focus on the game. Confidence is truly a game changer in golf and in life. Since the launch we continue to expand with housewares items, continue to research new fabrics and new designs. What started as a side hustle has now become my full time job and it has been the best, scariest, hardest and most fun I have ever had. So this week hats off to my fellow small business owners. Here’s to you for improving, changing or making someone’s life easier. Enjoy your week! To celebrate we are offering 15% off our core products just use code BestNewTrend at checkout. It's time to shop the most comfortable and flattering women's golf clothes. Get the uncomfortable part of golf out of the way and make room for all the fun!

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