Catering to you

I love entertaining. I love setting the table, picking out napkins, brainstorming a themed cocktail and of course matching that cocktail with the perfect stemware. The holidays give everyone an excuse to have people over. The only problem is the work that goes with it right? Want to know my number one tip for a hassle free holiday party? Here it is. Call the caterer. 

I have already started contacting caterers for Thanksgiving and Christmas brunch. You may be surprised at how reasonably priced it can be--especially if you consider your time and prep work of making everything yourself. Where do you start? Determine your budget, number of guests and party date then google “caterers in my area” and pick up your phone. It’s that easy. 

So invite your golf friends, family or neighbors over and enjoy a hassle free holiday party. If you need a little more help planning click here for 40 Fun Holiday Party Themes.