Decorate Your Past

If you struggle with decorating your spaces you are not alone. Many people find it hard to find the right combination of color and items to create that perfect space. What's the difference between warm and cool tones? Do I like traditional, modern, french country? It can be very confusion which leads most of us to not do any home improvement at all.

Well here's a tip, sometimes it's OK to throw away the rules and be you. If you look around and find your favorite things you may be half way. That is where I got the inspiration for my office design. You may have guessed I like golf. So I gathered golf balls and tees from some of my trips to my favorite course. Placed pictures of my kids and family next to reminders of college and gifts from family and friends all displayed on a colorful piece of furniture. Not sure what you would call this type of design--but it is one of my favorite rooms.

So if you need inspiration to spruce up your house look through your past and I bet you find some great ideas. If you decorate with memories you are sure to love your space. Live with what you love!

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