Road Show

Last week marked the launch of Jane Fifteen Thirty’s 1st Tee Collection. It was so exciting to see the excitement at Moorhead Country Club. We had a great turnout and I believe the women of MCC really got what Jane 1530 is all about. Which is making golf clothes that fit and wear fabulously. We are off again this week, heading to Iowa for a Women’s Open Day at Crow Valley Country Club. We have officially taken this show on the road. I have been excited, nervous, happy, and every other emotion while working on the Jane 1530 launch. It’s been a long process so it’s surreal that I get to share it with everyone. It’s also a lot of fun!

So, if you are looking to add to your next women’s golf event or tournament let us know . . . we travel! And we bring our Jane Fifteen Thirty pop-up shop with us. What does that mean, we bring the inventory, handle setup and payments and you get to offer top notch women’s athletic wear to your participants. It makes for a great day. Contact me at for questions and to book your event.

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