The search is over . . .

The search is over ...

I don’t know how many times I have sat down and googled golf clothes for women. Too many to count! Typical searches were golf clothes that fit women, longer shirts, comfortable golf clothes, golf pants for women, skorts that don’t chafe. . .please! If you’re a golfer you get what I’m talking about. Who wants troubles with clothes of all things? There is enough to worry about on the course.

Endless google searches is one of the main reasons Jane 1530 was born. I couldn’t find shirts that didn’t ride up with each swing, or waistbands that didn’t roll during play, or underskorts that stayed in place. I found myself adjusting my clothing more than lining up a putt. So I decided to change that and create a brand that not only thinks about style but combines it with function and comfort.

So this Wednesday we are taking a look at the Darci Sleeveless. Designed to wear untucked the longer length high-low hem lets you swing big with no worries. Mesh accents look as cool as the work. Available in black polka dot, red polka dot and houndstooth check. And more colors on the way soon. It looks great on the golf course and works under sweaters and blazers for work.

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Jane 1530 clothing pieces are named after some of my favorite women. The Darci sleeveless is after my sister-in-law. She loves golf, seventies music, great fitting golf clothes and teaches kids for a living. She’s one of the good ones.

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